There's no better way to learn what being a part of the Lake Champlain Chapter is like than hearing from members and their families.

Gene Porter has been boating for over 60 years. He
has found a home with the Lake Champlain ACBS chapter.  Gene, like so many chapter members, is a doer: Rendezvous on the lake, trips to New York City or Montreal, our annual boat show.  The LC/ACBS welcomes all types of boats: fiberglass, metal and wood.  Come take a ride with us! Our email addresses are listed with the board of directors.


Emily and Syd are third generation ACBSers! Their enthusiasm for all things classic boats is rooted in family tradition. There isn't a chapter event that they don't enjoy. But only their age group can participate in youth judging. Emily and Syd's energy is contagious and brings all the generations of classic boat enthusiasts together.



Steve grew up on Lake Champlain and has been plying its waters as a ferry boat captain for more than thirty years. Steve's institutional knowledge of people, places and events around the lake is invaluable when it comes to rooting out the history of a particular boat that has passed hands over the years. His commitment to the chapter is deep resulting in receipt of "The Captain's Award".


Cathryn has enjoyed many chapter events over the years, in particular the summer rendezvous and annual Burlington boat show. Though not currently an ACBS member she always feels welcome and encourages anyone interested in being around people who appreciate classic boats to reach out to a chapter member (for board member email addresses - click HERE).