Snake Mountain Boatworks hosted a workshop on a new product to the market, Jel’d stain. Two manufacturers were featured; Wood Note and Lake Oswego Boat Company.

With traditional paste filler stains, the filler doesn’t completely fill the grain and over a few months time can sink into the grain requiring additional varnish after the first season. Application of paste filler stains is also much more difficult, starting with having to mix in a separate container after scraping the solids out of the can. Keeping paste filler stain the proper consistency during application can require thinning due to evaporation, which in turn can affect color. Timing is critical during application of paste filler stains, having to wait until the stain flashes to avoid streaking, but not too long to have to apply thinner to re-liquify the applied stain. It is difficult to maintain color consistency.

Jel’d stain on the other hand can be applied straight from the can. No waiting time is necessary, since the product doesn’t flash, so timing is not critical and color rendition is more uniform. Application can even be stopped and resumed later. It can be easily applied with a rag or brush, rubbed in with a circular motion, and wiped off immediately. Cross grain scratches can be sanded out during the application, stain re-applied immediately and everything will blend.

Jel’d stain coverage is 2 to 3 times that of paste filler stains. It also drys more quickly, Wood Kote Co. specifies 4 hours minimum, Lake Oswego Boat Co. specifies 24 hours before sealing.

Lake Oswego Boat Company has an extensive color gallery matching OEM colors exactly, pre and post war, for many boat brands.

Workshop participants were able to try out different colors of Jel’d stain on bare wood, bleached and unbleached, some with intentional cross grain sanding marks and rubbing with cheesecloth to see how easy it was to apply. Michael Claudon also filmed the workshop and it can be seen on his Snake Mountain Boatworks You Tube channel.

Photos below were taken by George Kurjanowicz: